What’s Happening at ADDS

ADDS Board of Directors meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 12 noon at the Administrative Office, 222 East Jackson. Please contact Main Office at 573-581-8210 if you are interested in attending.

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Stakeholder Survey Summary

Many of you reading this might be aware that our staff and our residents have not been out in the community very much this year.  At this time near the holidays we are trying extra hard to provide some fun activities in our group homes for the residents – reading holiday stories, making cookies, looking at lights, decorating our homes, doing special crafts, etc.  One of the group homes sent holiday messages to their family members on Thanksgiving morning.  All of the group homes celebrated Halloween by dressing up and/or having special snacks, etc.

Consumers agency wide have been able to participate in various activities over the past few months that maintain their safety against COVID-19. Consumers have chosen to participate in Special Olympics Bowling, shop at local stores, enjoy nature walks at various parks and landmarks, and participate in musical activities. Our consumers continue to be creative in choosing COVID-19 safe activities and outings!.