Our Services

As a part of the mission of ADDS we provide an array of services designed to create appropriate options for individuals with developmental disabilities. The services are individualized to address the needs of each person served. These services include residential, supported living, developmental training and other ancillary services.


Harvey House, Breckenridge Heights, C.T. Loyd Apartments and 3 Independent Supported Living (ISL) Homes - Our residential homes are operated with the belief that individuals with developmental disabilities have the right to lead lives that are community-based. The residential services are based in an atmosphere that encourages growth and social interaction with each other and the community in which they reside. These homes each have 24 hour supervision and supports and offer community integration and inclusion services to assist individuals in participating in community activities. We staff a full-time RN to assist with medical follow up, consultation, and coordination of needed medical care, medications, etc.

Kristy Dennison
Harvey House Manager

Meri Kuda
Breckenridge Heights Manager

Sierra Malone
C.T. Loyd Apartments Manager

Respite Care

Our respite services provide a parent/caregiver temporary relief from the responsibilities of caring for someone with a developmental disability.  Assistance for a few hours to 24 hour respite services are offered at Harvey House on a first come first served basis.

 Lisa Harrison
Coordinator of Group Residential Services

Colleen Davis
Coordinator of ISL's



This is a community-based program for independent living. Our goal is to expand opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their highest potential in independent living and community life. ADDS provides day-time supports and guidance for individuals living in the Fieldcrest community with individualized and group services to assist them in being actively involved in the community.

Program Coordinator:

Kara Clovis
Fieldcrest Community Services

Colleen Davis
Natural Home Program


Developmental Training Center

The Developmental Training Center offers day program services designed to support individuals with significant developmental disabilities to develop to their full potential and to experience the community in which they reside. This program provides habilitative training and supports to enhance quality of life and achievement of optimal physical, emotional, and independent functioning.

Barry Dalton

Director of DTC


Support Coordinators

The Case Management Program offers advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, and resource management services.  Support Coordinators work closely with individuals and families to assess, plan, and implement the necessary supports for the individuals to reach their goals. The Support Coordinators also monitor and evaluate all programs in which individuals participate in order to ensure high quality and effective supports.  Most simply, the Support Coordinators link individuals with appropriate providers and resources. 

Support Coordinators:

Mark McDowell, Supervisor

Sherri Chedwick

Peyton Thompson

Michelle Copeland

Denise Hill



Transportation and Family Support

Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis through the development of annual support plans. Transportation is routinely provided to the local sheltered workshop. Some transportation assistance is available for medical appointments and other needs specific to an individual’s disabilities.

Adult Recreation Activities

Several recreational activities are offered throughout the year including dances, trips, supported participation in Special Olympics, and other adult programs in the community.

Advocacy Support

Assistance offered to assist individuals in exercising their rights to obtain services and/or benefits. This is accomplished through community outreach and education as well as involvement by staff, volunteers, and the individuals who desire advocacy.